Your donating helps us assist by paying to have dogs and cats spayed or neutered by a licensed Thurston County Veterinarian to help stem the pet over-population problem in our area.. 


Thanks to our volunteers and financial support from the public-at-large, the Thurston County Humane Society:

-Assists by paying to have dogs and cats spayed or neutered by a licensed Thurston County veterinarian to help stem the alarming pet over-population problem in our area.

-Sponsors the Adopt-A-Teacher Program in our local schools, emphasizing Responsible Pet Ownership. These educational materials are provided at no charge to teachers.

-Supports and promotes Humane education programs in schools and civic organizations so that adults as well as children are aware of the needs of animals.

-Monitors Animal Welfare trends and developments at local and state levels through membership on the Joint Animal Services Commission (JASCOM) and the Washington State Federation.

-Cooperates with Animal Services to stay attuned to shelter needs and also utilize their assistance in administration of our spay-neuter and "Adopt-A-Teacher" programs.

-Provide grants to other qualified animal welfare groups in the area, hopefully making a better life for animals.

Now a word about how Joint Animal Services (JASCOM) differs from the Thurston County Humane Society...

Animal Services is a tax-supported, multi-jurisdictional, intergovernmental organization whose lead agency is the City of Lacey.  Animal Services is located in Olympia at 3120 Martin Way East, Olympia, WA. (360) 352-2510.  As a governmental organization, Animal Services:

-Enforces existing laws pertaining to dogs, cats and small domestic animals within Thurston County.

-Accepts and houses unwanted pets.

-Picks up stranded and injured animals.

-Licenses dogs and cats as required by local laws.

-Educates prospective pet adopters to insure proper placement in homes with responsible pet owners.

-Re-unites pets with their rightful owners.

-Responds to complaints about conditions in pet stores.