TCHS Voucher Information
TCHS is responsible for the costs of the spay or neuter surgery only.  Any additional fees are the pet owner’s responsibility to pay.

There is a $25.00 co-pay per adult cat, payable to the veterinary office by owner at time of the surgery.
cat with kittens under 5 months of age is a $25.00 co-pay for the cat and $10.00 for each kitten. There is a limit of 3 pets as shown on voucher.
There is a $50.00 co-pay per dog, and $15.00 for each puppy. (Also limit of 3 pets).
Immunizations are not included in this grant, but we strongly recommend them.  We also recommend that pet owners obtain a license for their spayed or neutered pets.

Thurston County Humane Society.  Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership. Thank You.